When you have commercial concrete flooring in your industrial building, you need it to withstand a lot of wear and tear. There are many advantages to using concrete flooring, but over time, it can end up with stains, cracks, and defects. The best way to take advantage of concrete flooring options is to use an epoxy coating.

Advantages of concrete flooring

concrete flooring is used in many settings, and it is especially popular in commercial buildings because it is durable. In addition, it offers the following advantages:

  • It is strong and can handle heavy loads
  • It is durable and outlasts many other materials
  • It is energy efficient because it has a high thermal mass
  • It can be constructed more quickly than other materials
  • It is resistant to moisture and dampness
  • It is inexpensive to maintain
  • It is resistant to fire

For these reasons, it is one of the more popular flooring choices. However, it is susceptible to stains, cracks, and defects. It is not easy to repair with patchwork, so it will require pouring new concrete in some cases. People often look to protective coatings to increase the lifespan of their commercial concrete flooring.

What Is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy coating is a concrete coating that is made up of two components: epoxy resins and a polyamine hardener. These two elements combine through a chemical reaction and create a durable, rigid material that can protect concrete. In addition, there are a number of different possible styles to choose from. This provides the added benefit of making the floor attractive as well as tough and durable.

Benefits of Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating offers many advantages, including the following:

  • Prevents wear and tear on concrete flooring
  • Chemically resistant surface
  • Resists stains and scratches
  • Aesthetically pleasing with many styles, colors, and designs
  • Creates a seamless surface
  • Lasts for many years
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Affordable solution

Epoxy Coating Colors and Designs

When you choose epoxy coating for your commercial concrete flooring, you can choose from many different designs and colors. The floor can tie in with your color scheme, and it will be attractive as well.

Metallic Epoxy Coating: When you choose a metallic epoxy coating, your floor will be unique. You can choose 3D designs that resemble marble, or you can have effects including flowing plasma, craters, or waves. Metallic epoxy is shiny, and it comes in many colors, such as gold, copper, bright blue, crimson red, and more. You can choose whatever ties in best with your space.

Epoxy flake Coating: Epoxy flake flooring is also known as confetti flooring or chip flakes. It is very attractive, and it does a great job of hiding dirt. As with any epoxy coatings, it is easy to clean and resists scratches and stains. It comes in several color schemes.

Epoxy Pebble Coating: With epoxy pebble coating, pebbles are mixed into the epoxy. This coating is a little bit thicker, and it is used as frequently, but it is attractive.

Final Words on Commercial Concrete epoxy coatings

Epoxy coating is a great solution for protecting commercial concrete flooring. It comes in different styles and colors, and it looks great. It is durable and will resist stains and chemical spills, and it makes the floor safer. It is easy to clean, requiring only a broom and a mop.

When you are looking for protection for your concrete floor, epoxy coating is the answer. The floor will be attractive and durable, and it will last a long time. You have many choices for design and color, so your floor will tie in with your setup.