When you choose custom concrete counter tops for your kitchen or bathroom, you can customize them and make them uniquely your own. Not only can you choose the exact size that works for your home, but you can also create a design. You can mix in designs or materials such as shotgun shells or glass, and you can create a counter that is truly personalized.

You Can Create Your Own Design

Not only can you choose any shape you want, but you can add in seashells or bits of glass to create any design you want. You can really let your creativity loose and have custom concrete counter tops that you are proud of. They can complement your décor beautifully and be very functional as well.


Concrete is a durable material, and when you create a custom concrete counter top, you will have it for a long time. Concrete is chip and scratch resistant, and you can have a protective coating added to make sure it lasts a long time.

Concrete Counter-tops are Heat Resistant

Concrete is able to resist heat, so it will not be damaged by your hot pots and pans. This is a great feature because you won’t have to worry about putting your pots down after you cook. In addition, these counter tops are easy to clean, and they will not suffer damage by chipping or breaking. As long as you use the right sealer, your counter top will last a long time.

Concrete Doesn’t Stain when Properly Sealed with an Epoxy Coating

Your custom concrete counter tops will not stain as long as you use the right sealant. No matter what you spill, you will be able to wipe it up easily. You can clean your counter top easily with ordinary soap and water, and it will look great for many years to come.